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XBeach - Advanced Course - Non-hydrostatic Modelling (DSD-INT 2024)

12 Nov

XBeach - Advanced Course - Non-hydrostatic Modelling (DSD-INT 2024)

XBeach - Advanced Course - Non-hydrostatic Modelling (DSD-INT 2024)

12 Nov 2024 09:00 - 17:00 (GMT)   Course (on-premises)

€ 629 (excluding 21% VAT)
Room : MS Teams
Remaining places : 20
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XBeach is an open-source software developed jointly by IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, Delft University of Technology and Deltares. It can compute the hydrodynamics and morphological change on sandy, gravel, coral, vegetated and urbanized coasts under daily and extreme conditions.


Course objective

On the second XBeach course, programme attendees will gain advanced understanding on how the new non-hydrostatic wave resolving mode XBeach-NH+ can be applied to simulate hydrodynamics and morphodynamics. This will include vegetative damping effects (XBeach-VEG) & hydro- and morphodynamics on gravel coasts (XBeach-G). NB: the first and second XBeach courses are independent of each other, but can followed sequentially.


Learning outcomes

When utilizing XBeach-NH+ for modelling, attendees will be able to retrieve theoretical and practical knowledge gained in this course.


Theoretical: attendees understand

  • the background of the non-hydrostatic mode of XBeach;
  • how vegetation in XBeach-surfbeat and non-hydrostatic is included;
  • the background of the main hydro- and morphodynamic formulations needed to simulate gravel coasts;


Practical: attendees will know how

  • to include vegetation in an existing XBeach model;
  • to create a XBeach non-hydrostatic model from scratch to simulate nearshore hydro- and morphodynamic on gravel beaches.


Who should participate

This course is aimed at project engineers, researchers, PhD students with basic experience in XBeach modelling.


Course dates

Tuesday, 12 November 2024,  09:00 – 17:00 CET (GMT+1)


Course instructors

Menno de Ridder, Floortje Roelvink, Robert McCall and Ellen Quataert (Deltares).



The registration fee for this course is € 629-, – excluding VAT.
50% discount for lecturers at centers of education.


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This course is part of the Delft Software Days - Edition 2024 (DSD-INT 2024).




Please check in early to test your audio and video. We will open the session at 14:50 (CET, Delft time), 10 minutes before the start of the session.




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